Size Meal Price
26. 100 g GRILLED FARMER SAUSAGE with mustard and horseradish 69 Kč
27. 100 g ENGLISH BREAKFAST – Ham and eggs, mustard 89 Kč
29. 100 g Omelet „COMPLETE“ with ham, cheese and mushrooms 89 Kč
2. 100 g ITALIAN CAPRESSE with tomato, mozzarella cheese and basil tomato served with mozzarella cheese, basil, olive oil and balsamic vinegar 89 Kč
3. 100 g Delicate KING OF CHEESE marinated in secret marinade, served on lettuce with homemade herbs of Provence 69 Kč
9. 100 g SALMON TARTAR with lemon, toast, fine fresh salmon meat 99 Kč
30. 120 g French HAM AND EGGS (with cheese) ham, 2 eggs, Edam cheese 94 Kč


Size Meal Price
62. 200 g SALMON FILLET with herbs salmon roasted on butter, creamy herb sauce 229 Kč
60. 200 g SALMON STEAK fried in butter with fresh vegetables, lettuce and dill dressing, mashed potatoes 259 Kč
57. 200 g SALMON STEAK with grilled vegetables 249 Kč
20. Fillets are prepared from fresh salmon


Size Meal Price
79. 200 g Chicken steak with peach Roasted breast with peach and cheese, creamy sauce 134 Kč
74. 200 g Grilled chicken breast with bacon and smoked cheese in a mushroom cream sauce 139 Kč
70. 200 g Chicken steak with mozzarella cheese, tomatoes and basil 139 Kč
77. 200 g Chicken steak with two kinds of cheese and fine sauce. roasted with blue cheese, Camembert style cheese and Prague ham 134 Kč
78. 200 g Chicken steak with mixture of a bacon, onions, mushrooms and dark beer 139 Kč
291. 200 g ARABIAN MEAT grilled chicken steak with gyros spices, served with fresh vegetables and garlic dressing 149 Kč
81. 200 g Chicken breast with VEGETABLE RATATOUILLE chicken breast on mixture of zucchini, peppers, egg plant, tomatoes, onion and Provencal herbs 149 Kč
89. 200 g Fried chicken cutlet, lemon 128 Kč
107. 200 g Chicken strips with onion, mushrooms, tomatoes and cream 143 Kč
108. 200 g Spicy chicken mixture with peppers, bacon and red onion on wine 143 Kč


Size Meal Price
290. 200 g Vegetable RATATOUILLE on herbs mix of zucchini, eggplant, peppers, cherry tomatoes, red onion, basil and fresh herbs 129 Kč
119. 150 g Fried smoked cheese 105 Kč
116. 100 g Fried cheese Camembert 95 Kč
114. 150 g Fried cheese EIDAMER 95 Kč


Size Meal Price
144. 300 g SPAGHETTI ALA TOMATO chicken meat, tomatoe sauce with basil and Parmesan cheese 136 Kč
136. 300 g Pasta with spinach leaves, chicken meat, cream and parmesan 136 Kč
139. 300 g SPAGHETTI Aglio e olio garlic, tomatoes, basil and parmesan cheese 134 Kč
135. 300 g PASTA QUATRO FORMAGGIO with chicken meat and cheese sauce (parmesan, blue cheese, Eidam cheese, camembert, basil) 129 Kč
73. 300 g Tagliatelle with fresh salmon, cherry tomatoes and cream 149 Kč
185. 300 g Pasta with chilli pepper, garlic, tomato sauce, beef tenderloin and Parmesan 149 Kč


Size Meal Price
153. 200 g Steak of pork with peppers and mushrooms, gratinated with smoked cheese, spicy sauce 144 Kč
148. 200 g Pork steak on a mixture of bacon, onions and mushrooms, cream sauce with garlic 144 Kč
187. 200 g Grilled pork tenderloin served with fried egg and bacon 184 Kč
193. 200 g Grilled pork tenderloin with pepper in mushroom cream sauce 189 Kč
177. 200 g Grilled tenderloin served with vegetables chilli peppers, onions, tomatoes, peppers, mushrooms 189 Kč
176. 200 g FRIED PORK STEAK, lemon 134 Kč
208. 200 g Pork tenderloin with mushrooms, onion, bacon and cranberries 187 Kč
171. 200 g Pork tenderloin noodles with garlic, onion, cream, peas and carrot 189 Kč


Size Meal Price
248. 200 g BEEFSTEAK with spicy beans, onion and chili 329 Kč
240. 200 g "English" BEEFSTEAK with ham and fried egg 329 Kč
239. 200 g BEEFSTEAK served with roasted mushrooms and Niva blue cheese sauce, cream, thyme 329 Kč
238. 200 g BEEFSTEAK prepared on beer with the mixture of bacon, onion and mushrooms 329 Kč
244. 200 g BEEFSTEAK with onion, mushrooms red wine, bacon and cranberries 329 Kč
242. 200 g BEEFSTEAK with bacon, tomatoes, onion, spicy sauce, wine 329 Kč
243. 200 g PFEFFERSTEAK with cream sauce 329 Kč


Size Meal Price
302. Greek salad „CHORIATIKY“ tomato, cucumber, pepper, onion, olives, olive oil, wine vinegar, oregano, feta cheese 139 Kč
318. ITALIAN salad with olive tomatoes, cucumber, pepper, olives, olive oil, wine vinegar, basil, oregano, iceberg lettuce 69 Kč
278. Vegetables salad tomatoe, cucumber, pepper, iceberg lettuce, olive oil, balsamic vinegar 64 Kč
305. Salad with marinated Camembert style cheese tomato, cucumber, pepper, iceberg lettuce, cubes of marinated cheese, olive oil, wine vinegar 139 Kč
294. Iceberg lettuce with grilled salmon and roasted tomatoes 149 Kč
315. MIXED SALAD with Feta cheese cucumber, pepper, tomato, Czech sweet and sour dressing 69 Kč
317. Tomato salad Tomatoes, onion, dressing, olive oil, basil 59 Kč
325. Cucumber salad with sweet and sour dressing 59 Kč
307. Salad GOLDEN CAKE with chicken nuggets and basil dressing fried chicken nuggets, olive oil dressing with lemon juice, wine vinegar and basil, tomato, cucumber, pepper, iceberg lettuce 139 Kč


Size Meal Price
335. Pancakes with forest fruit sauce, whipped cream and cinnamon sugar 82 Kč
433. Homemade tiramisu 49 Kč
332. Crepes with whipped cream and caramel Crepe stuffed with hot raspberries and vanilla ice cream with whipped cream and caramel 82 Kč
227. Old Bohemian PANCAKES with plum dip, sour cream, cinnamon sugar and caramel sauce 82 Kč
339. Hot spaghetti of pancake batter with forest fruit sauce and sour cream 82 Kč


Size Meal Price
355. Sundae „CARAMELO“ with peach ice cream, chocolate, caramel, whipped cream 65 Kč
364. ICE CREAM 3 scoop of ice cream 56 Kč
353. Sundae „BLACK AND WHITE“ vanilla and chocolate ice cream, whipped cream, caramel, chocolate topping, nuts 69 Kč
360. ICE CREAM with whipped cream and chocolate 65 Kč
363. Sundae„GARDEN MIXTURE“ strawberries, blackberries, blueberries, raspberries, black and red currants, ice cream, whipped cream, fruit topping 69 Kč
352. HOT RASPBERRIES with whipped cream and vanilla ice cream 69 Kč


Size Meal Price
503. 200 g Green beans with onion roasted on bacon 69 Kč
388. 1 p. Mustard 16 Kč
365. 1 p. Mashed potatoes – onion, bacon, parsley, salt, pepper 45 Kč
371. 200 g Roast potatoes 39 Kč
373. 200 g Boiled potatoes 39 Kč
372. 200 g Baked potatoes with feta cheese 45 Kč
374. 200 g Chips 39 Kč
368. 150 g Fried potato croquettes 39 Kč
389. 1 p. Ketchup 16 Kč
386. 1pc Bread 4 Kč
385. 1 p. Potato purée 39 Kč
380. 200 g Rice 35 Kč
384. 1 ks Potato pancake 39 Kč
387. 1 p. Tartar sauce 19 Kč
390. 1 p. Horseradish 19 Kč
394. 100 g Pickles 16 Kč
395. 1 p. Butter 16 Kč
398. 1 p. Olives 45 Kč
20. Restaurant staff wishes you pleasant stay with us. Enjoy your meals. Prices include VAT. We charge 75 % price for half portions.

CHILDREN MENU - only for children under 15 years!

Size Meal Price
419. Chicken DINOSAURS, potato purée 79 Kč
421. Fried cheese with chips 89 Kč
422. Fried chicken breast with chips / potato purée 89 Kč
423. Pancakes with forest blueberries, homemade sour cream and cinnamon sugar 65 Kč
424. Pasta with chicken breast and cheese sauce 89 Kč
418. Spaghetti with tomato sauce 69 Kč
420. Grilled chicken breast with chips 89 Kč


Size Meal Price
220. 200 g Beef sirloin „TARTAR STEAK“ beef sirloin - raw meat, worchester sauce, olive oil, mustard, ketchup 259 Kč
216. 200 g Piquant mixture of pork, beef tenderloin and chicken breast with bacon, mushrooms, peppers and onions 189 Kč
276. 200 g Mixture of vegetables and pork with potato pancake onions, peppers, mushrooms, tomatoes, chilli 189 Kč
277. 200 g Meat mix grill of chicken breast, pork liver, pork with bacon and onions served with potato pancakes 199 Kč


Supplementary information

Open daily
9 a.m. – 24 p.m.
Restaurant and Hotel U Lípy is closed from the 24th to 25th of December. We open again from the 29th of December to the 1st of January.
Restaurant: 70 seats
Summer terrace: 36 seats
Summer garden with a children corner: 40 seats
Hotel: 15 pokojů / 50 seats
Wine bar: 50 seats
Winter garden: 30 seats
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